Porsche Lease-End

What Do I Do at the End of My Porsche Lease?

The end of your lease will be simple and straightforward when you lease a Porsche from Porsche Southpoint. Our experts can walk you through ending your lease to ensure you know every option and choose the model that's the right fit for your lifestyle. We encourage you to reach out with any questions soon so that you won't need to rush to a decision at the end of your lease period.

What You Can Do at the End of Your Lease

The end of your lease offers various options that can get you into the Porsche you are interested in. Each option is straightforward, and we look forward to helping you decide which will be right for you.


You can choose to bring your vehicle back to a Porsche dealership to replace a new car or SUV. This method ensures you will have the most advanced features and options in the vehicle that's in your driveway. We can show you all the newest Porsche models, including the Taycan, 911, Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne, to help you find one you love.


Love the vehicle you're in? You can keep it longer! Extending your lease will mean you get to keep the vehicle you have been driving. You are already familiar with its features and know how it feels to press down on the pedal. You can purchase additional miles or extend the lease for up to a year. 


Instead of returning your lease to our dealership, you can buy the one you have been driving. We will work with you to get the necessary information and financing that lets you keep this vehicle in your life.


Returning your vehicle requires an inspection and other small tasks. This is as simple as bringing your vehicle to any authorized Porsche dealer so that we can get a better view of the excess wear and damage that have come up during your driving experience.

We're Here to Help

Porsche Financial Services will contact you when there are 180 days, 90 days, and 60 days left in your lease to help you prepare your vehicle for whichever option. We'll be able to work with you to decide what the best lease-end option is and can help you learn more about each new Porsche you might be interested in.

What is a Pre-Inspection?

The pre-inspection is not mandatory but is a complimentary inspection that will let you know of any work that needs to be done before bringing your lease back to our team. An authorized Porsche dealer must do any repairs and you'll need to provide a receipt to remove excess wear charges.

Learn More About Porsche Leasing and Returning Your Porsche Lease by Contacting Our Team

Our experts are happy to answer any questions you have about Porsche leasing or when selecting a new Porsche model. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can give you the best idea of what you should do when the end of your lease is coming around.

Leasing a Porsche gives you access to all the newest features and the most exciting performance so that you will be able to enjoy every commute, errand, and vacation. When choosing a new Porsche in Durham, NC, don't hesitate to contact Porsche Southpoint!

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