Watch the Signs for Bad Brakes

Press the brakes, and the car stops. It's a simple system that keeps you safe on the road but only when your brakes work properly. Fortunately, there are some obvious signs that let you know you might need brake services.

Have you noticed that you have to start braking a lot earlier? Needing more distance to stop the vehicle is a sign your brakes aren't in peak shape. Another sign is brakes that have a spongy feel, and they respond slowly when you press down. 

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Windshield Wipers Degrade Over Time

Regular maintenance is critical to the upkeep and safety of a vehicle. Most people know to regularly check their oil levels, the pressure and wear of their tires, and to listen for signs that their brakes may be wearing down. However, it may not be common knowledge that windshield wipers should be included in this regular check as well.

Windshield wipers may not be in use all of the time, but they are nearly always exposed to the elements. Because of this, they go through frequent cycles of being wet and dry, which can degrade the rubber they are made…

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Porsche Southpoint Awarded Porsche Premier Dealer for 2018

Porsche has announced the top 25 dealerships to receive the 2018 Porsche Premier Dealer Award and Porsche Southpoint has been included in the ranks again as one of those 25 dealerships.  

The level of care and commitment the Porsche Southpoint Team gives their clients, from sales to finance to service is premier level.  The continual advancements the technicians set for themselves to achieve gold certification to be among the highest ranked according to Porsche matched with the level of care and attention the Sales team gives to the clients really


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Faulty Exhaust Systems Are Embarrassing and Dangerous

We've probably all heard a car backfire. It's loud, and it's embarrassing if it's your vehicle. If there's something wrong with your catalytic converter, this is one reason that you might have a backfire out your tailpipe. But there are other reasons that your exhaust system might have problems.

Your exhaust system includes components such as the muffler, catalytic converter, exhaust manifolds or cylinder head, and sometimes as turbocharger. If something goes wrong with one of these components, even if it doesn't backfire, it might get loud...


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Porsche Southpoint Places Emphasis on "Family" in Monthly Luncheons

Sales Manager Tim Blancett approves of this month’s luncheon!


Employee luncheons are an important event each month at Hendrick because it brings the entire dealership together from sales, service, and management to discuss the month’s events.

It is an event the employees look forward to each month because of the food, the communing together, and to participate in celebrating their teammates.  


But what makes Porsche Southpoint luncheons different?


“Our luncheons have become family style where everyone can sit and talk to one another and enjoy each other’s company.  It is .  





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A Headlight That Stops Working Should Be Immediately Replaced

Your car’s headlights are extremely important to your safety on the road. They help you to see while traveling at night. Your headlights also help other drivers to see your car. However, you rarely know when a single headlight has stopped working until someone else tells you.

It’s important for your safety, and the safety of other drivers on the road, that you routinely inspect your headlights. Don't just rely on your dashboard warning light. It’s a good idea to turn your headlights on, day or night, and then step in front of your car to…
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Porsche Southpoint Wraps Up the 2018 Spring Meal Drive

Just a small portion of the boxes.


The 2018 Spring Meal Drive initiative wrapped up this week and we are so proud to be a part of such an amazing program created by the Hendrick Cares group.  This drive to feed families Easter meals provided our employees with the opportunity to purchase non-perishable items that were paired with a ham and pie provided by Hendrick Automotive Group.  






Rebekah Nunez, Vicki Basting, Kim Smith & Edwin Kratzat are excited about exceeding the goal for Porsche Southpoint.



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Wiper Blades Leaving Streaks? Replace Them

Wiper blades are one of the most used and most important parts on your vehicle, yet they are often overlooked when it comes to routine maintenance. Below are two signs that your wiper blades may need to be replaced:
  •  Imperfections- Since wiper blades are made from rubber they may develop cracks, splits, or be missing chunks. These are signs that it is time to replace the wiper blades before you end up in a situation where you need them and they do not work
  •  Streaks- If you notice that your wiper blades are leaving streaks on your windshield when in…
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A Good Set Of Brake Pads Is Essential To Having Enough Stopping Power

Your brake pads are key to having the right amount of stopping power for your vehicle. They are what bring your vehicle to a stop, and as a result of that they naturally suffer from some of the most severe wear and tear. Having a basic understanding of the system will help when it does come time to replace them.

Your brake pads stop your vehicle by making contact with the spinning rotors and gripping them until that friction brings the vehicle to a stop. This happens when the calipers are compressed by the influx of brake fluid from the…

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