Porsche Connect is a system that connects your car and your smartphone for the easiest control of  a variety of functions.

Driving a Porsche is more than just going from point A to point B, it is enjoying every minute between. The Porsche Connect system lets you enjoy more of that time by opening a line of communication between your smartphone and Porsche.

What Can Porsche Connect Do?

Porsche Connect offers everything from navigation to Apple CarPlay controls to breakdown and emergency calls.

Before leaving for the day you can get the vehicle to your preferred climate settings, get your navigation ready to start when you get behind the wheel, can check oil and gas levels, and even get directions back to your vehicle with First Mile Navigation. Navigation will pick up as soon as you are in your Porsche, letting you see the routes you normally take as well as alternatives that could be faster. It can help you find a parking spot, or, if you are heading home for the day, can access Smart Home features to control the temperature and open the garage door while you are pulling up.

Just like the First Mile system, you will have Last Mile navigation that continues to give you walking directions from where you parked, allowing you to lock the doors with your phone as you are walking away. You will even find an extra level of security through the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System with independent theft-detection to alert you if your vehicle is stolen.

Learn More About the Porsche Connect System When You Visit

Our team at Porsche Southpoint is happy to walk you through everything that this system can offer, showing you everything that Porsche Connect is capable of. Our experts are always eager to help our guests stay smiling while they are behind the wheel, and all that takes is for you to contact our team whenever you have questions about your Porsche.

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