Winter Weather Windshield Wiper Wisdom


The winter months are almost over, but there still may be a few more frosty mornings in the forecast. Make sure your windshield wipers survive with a few easy tips.

Prepare The Night Before

If you know frosty or icy weather is forecasted for the next morning, you can take a couple of small steps to prepare the night before. Obviously, any kind of covered parking is preferable, but a car cover can also come in handy. Some people use covers for preserving cars that are going to sit for a while, but they can also be used overnight to protect a vehicle from ice. Simply store the cover in the trunk or somewhere else nearby, and break it out when icy weather approaches. When you’re ready to drive, simply pull the cover off and forget about scraping the windshield.

If you have no way to cover your vehicle, then you should at least raise your windshield wiper arms and leave them propped up overnight. Ice can form on the windshield wiper arms themselves, and people often cause damage to the wiper motors when they turn them on and they’re frozen in place. Leaving the wiper arms raised prevents them from freezing like this. Just lower them back down after you have de-iced your windshield, and you’re good to go.

De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid

In the winter months, especially for those who live in colder climates, it can be useful to use windshield washer fluid that is chemically mixed with de-icer. There are many options to choose from, and most are relatively inexpensive. This washer fluid simply has a higher alcohol content to prevent freezing, which also aids in breaking down ice that can form on the windshield.

Don’t Ruin Your Wiper Blades

Running your wiper blades over a dry windshield can cause greater wear on the blades themselves. You’ll know the surface is dry if you hear a squeaking sound as the blades run across the glass. If the windshield is dry, always spray a little washer fluid first, so the blades can run over a wet surface. This is another reason you’ll want the de-icer washer fluid mentioned above.

In addition, be careful to clear off ice or salt from the roads. These little bits may look tiny on your windshield, but when they collect together, they can aggregate and cause serious damage to your wiper blades over time.

Winter Windshield Wiper Blades

If you have a lot of ice in your neighborhood, you may want to consider purchasing windshield wiper blades made especially for clearing ice. These wiper blades are usually more expensive than regular wiper blades, but they will be more effective at removing ice and frost, and they will last longer. You can also keep your regular wiper blades and switch them back out when the season is over. Come next winter, you’ll already have a set that you can use again.

The Parts andService Department here at Porsche Southpoint can help you with all of your winter-weather preparations and repairs. You can convenientlyschedule your service online, and we’ll make sure you’re in and out faster than you can say “winter weather alert!”

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