The Porsche Mission E Concept Finds its Name


Concept cars usually end up looking far more advanced than their released counterparts, but the Porsche Mission E concept is proving to stay true to form, giving an all-electric sports car to the market. Not many manufacturers are as ambitious as Porsche, but we have heard nothing but good news for the Porsche Mission E concept, which has finally gotten a named: The Porsche Taycan.


Futuristic and Exciting

There are a few details that the new Porsche Taycan has released, giving a small taste of what is to come from this outstanding machine. The system allows for some incredible performance feats, including power greater than 440 kW, an equivalent of over 600 horsepower, for a 3.5 second zero to sixty time and an even more impressive 12 second zero to 124 MPH time. The top speed of the Taycan will be 155 MPH and the range will be somewhere near 300 miles.


Spend More Time on the Road

Buying an exciting Porsche means you are looking to enjoy your time behind the wheel, which can only happen if you aren't stuck constantly charging. The system in the Porsche Taycan can reach an eighty-percent charge in only 15 minutes, giving you every opportunity to get back on the highway.


Reserve Yours Today

Our team is always happy to get you moving towards a model that you will love for a long time, and with its advanced features, we are sure the Porsche Taycan could be just the model for you. All you have to do is visit our dealership or our website to get started. Either way that you do it will have our experts nearby, able to walk you through the process or to answer any of your questions.

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