A Closer Look at the All-New Porsche Taycan


While it is still a few months from the official world premiere, the all-new Porsche Taycan has been seen driving around the streets of China. The sleek and elegant design of the Porsche Taycan is derived from other Porsche models like the new Porsche Panamera and the 911 Carrera but is geared more towards the new identity of the Porsche Taycan as an electric sports car. There are a lot of details and features that go into this new Porsche model that we want to give you a glimpse of.


A Few Details

While a lot of the features and options are under wraps, there are some details that make the Porsche Taycan one of the most exciting models that are upcoming. The electric powertrain brings you more than 600 horsepower that lets you hit 124 MPH in under twelve seconds with a max speed of 155 MPH. Electric power allows the Taycan to go up to 311 miles without a recharge if you are driving reasonably.

The exciting performance of the Taycan comes from combining the chassis and design for precise handling and thrilling cornering, making sure you will be able to enjoy every minute that you are behind the wheel.


Learn More at Our Dealership

Our team can answer all your questions about the upcoming Porsche Taycan, helping you see the technology that is going into the newest Porsche models on the market. We will be able to show you every feature that could make this the model that you'll want in your life.

While we don’t have a Taycan for you to test drive quite yet, we have all the newest Porsche models to help you get a feel for what a model of this caliber can do. We encourage you to keep an eye out for more information about the Porsche Taycan as the scheduled world premiere draws closer.

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