Porsche Takes the 2019 Macan to High Places


The stunning Porsche Macan saw some big revisions for the 2019 model, marking the halfway point of its life cycle. To put these new changes to the test, Porsche took its freshest luxury SUV to some seriously high places.

11,000-feet-above-sea-levels high places.

To test the high-altitude performance of its new 2019 Macan, Porsche traveled to Lesotho, South Africa, a landlocked country known for its high-altitude environment--in fact, it's nicknamed "The Kingdom in the Sky" because of it. Lesotho carries the distinction of having the highest lowest point of any country.

While the Durham area doesn't have any particular places of high altitude, it's still nice to know that Porsche is testing for all factors.

In Lesotho, the 2019 Porsche Macan went up against mountain passages, gravel roads, rough asphalt, and a variety of extreme terrain to provide its capability in less-than-ideal situations. The high altitudes added another level of challenge, to really put the new Macan through its paces.

It passed with flying colors.

The brand says that its newest compact SUV boasts new updates and advances in "design, comfort, connectivity and driving dynamics"; its cabin has been upgraded with a sleeker, more stylish infotainment setup and a cleaner dashboard.

The 2019 Porsche Macan will launch in July in China, and will begin to roll out globally from there.

You can check out the teaser video below; be sure to follow our blog for updates about this and other new 2019 Porsche models.

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