Don’t Get Caught Flat: Check Your Spare Tire

As a car owner, it is important to keep up routine maintenance on your car and make sure everything is working properly and safely. Most people forget to check their spare tire until it is too late and they need to use it. Below are some important facts about spare tires:

  • Full-Size Spare Tire- If you have a full-size spare tire then you can use it to replace a tire that becomes flat or damaged in some way. Full-size spares are ideal because they are a long-term fix; just make sure you replace it.
  • Compact Spare- A compact spare often called a “donut” is a temporary fix when one of your tires needs to be replaced. Donuts are lightweight and can be easily stored in any car, because they are smaller than a regular tire they have speed limits and are meant to get you to a tire store and replace your old tire.
  • Flat Tire Repair Kits- An additional alternative to full-size spare tires and compact spare tires is a flat tire repair kit. This is a temporary fix meant to get you to a tire store and not meant to drive on for long periods of time. Repair kits come in various types like patches, plugs, or sealants that are pumped into the tire through the air valve.

At Porsche Southpoint we understand the importance of safety to all drivers, if you are unsure about your spare tire come visit our Durham location and speak with one of our experts.


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