Seasonal maintenance is imperative during winter

Routine and seasonal vehicle maintenance are essential ways to both extend the life of your car and save money.

Colder weather has arrived, and it is time to bring your car to Porsche Southpoint and let us handle all seasonal maintenance. It's simple, inexpensive and won't take long. Seasonal maintenance includes having your battery checked for strength. Replace batteries that are older than three years or that have died and then been jumped off. Batteries that are old or compromised fail more easily in colder temperatures. Have your tire's tread measured, and have your air pressure equalized. You should also consider letting us rotate your tires to ensure even wear and tear on your tread. Have your brakes checked, and replace any belts that are dry or cracked.

Seasonal vehicle maintenance is an excellent investment. Call today to make an appointment for seasonal vehicle maintenance, and you'll have peace of mind all winter.

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