A Headlight That Stops Working Should Be Immediately Replaced

Your car’s headlights are extremely important to your safety on the road. They help you to see while traveling at night. Your headlights also help other drivers to see your car. However, you rarely know when a single headlight has stopped working until someone else tells you.

It’s important for your safety, and the safety of other drivers on the road, that you routinely inspect your headlights. Don't just rely on your dashboard warning light. It’s a good idea to turn your headlights on, day or night, and then step in front of your car to see if they’re both operating properly. You should do this for your taillights also.

If you determine that your headlight needs replacing, please don’t hesitate! Contact Porsche Southpoint immediately in order to have one of our skilled technicians replace it for you. Our service department is conveniently located in Durham, NC.
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