Porsche Southpoint Wraps Up the 2018 Spring Meal Drive

Just a small portion of the boxes.


The 2018 Spring Meal Drive initiative wrapped up this week and we are so proud to be a part of such an amazing program created by the Hendrick Cares group.  This drive to feed families Easter meals provided our employees with the opportunity to purchase non-perishable items that were paired with a ham and pie provided by Hendrick Automotive Group.  


This Easter, Porsche Southpoint exceeded the goal by 50%!  Our Porsche team members never shy away from their charitable spirit when it comes to helping others.  They should feel really good knowing they provided 250 families in our local communities with Easter meals.  


Sales Assistant Vicki Basting stated:

We have so many bags of food we can’t get into our conference room.


Food is a beautiful gift to give others and it is something many of us take for granted, knowing where we will get our next meal.  


We love our community and we love being part of the Hendrick Team and all of the generous things they spearhead.  We are looking forward exceeding our goal once again for the 2018 Thanksgiving Meal Drive.


Rebekah Nunez, Vicki Basting, Kim Smith & Edwin Kratzat are excited about exceeding the goal for Porsche Southpoint.


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